How to Manage Multiple Python Versions in MacOS. (2021 Guide)




brew install openssl readline sqlite3 xz zlib
nano ~/.zshrc

Step 1 — Getting Started

curl | bash
exec $SHELL # Or just restart your terminal
pyenv -v

Step 2— Install python versions

pyenv install --lis
pyenv install --list | grep " 3\.[678]"
pyenv install 3.7.3
CFLAGS="-I$(brew --prefix openssl)/include -I$(brew --prefix bzip2)/include -I$(brew --prefix readline)/include -I$(xcrun --show-sdk-path)/usr/include" LDFLAGS="-L$(brew --prefix openssl)/lib -L$(brew --prefix readline)/lib -L$(brew --prefix zlib)/lib -L$(brew --prefix bzip2)/lib" pyenv install --patch 3.8.0 < <(curl -sSL\?full_index\=1)

Step 2 — List installed python versions

pyenv versions

Step 3—Other useful pyenv commands:


$ pyenv which pip


$ pyenv global 3.6.8


$ pyenv local 2.7.15


$ pyenv shell 3.8-dev


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